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Are you interested in being a Lincoln Youth Wrestling Coach?

Just like wrestlers who have to learn the 7 basic skills, there are 7 responsibilities as a coach.

  • Provide a safe physical environment
  • Communicate in a positive way.
  • Teach the fundamental skills of wrestling.
  • Teach the rules of wrestling.
  • Direct wrestlers in competition.
  • Help your wrestlers become fit and value fitness for a lifetime.
  • Help young people develop character.

Coaching Youth Wrestling is an exciting way to get involved with the sport. Don't worry if you've had little experience with the sport or no coaching experience. Coaching Youth Wrestling presents the basics of coaching wrestling. (ASEP: Coaching Youth Wrestling)

Illinois Kid Wrestling Federation: Coaches Registration

Click on the following link to find out more information on how to become an IKWF registered youth wrestling coach:


Coaches Education and Certification

Wrestling plays an important role in the education and training of wrestling coaches throughout the United States. USA Wrestling's coaching education program offers training and certification for coaches of all levels from club coaches to Olympic coaches.

There are four levels of certification offered through USAW's National Coaches Education Program (NCEP); Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Copper Level program is designed for parents and club coaches, and the Bronze Level is a prerequisite for the Silver and Gold Levels required for coaching at the highest levels of competition.

Copper Level certification is the starting level for the beginning or part-time volunteer coach. This program covers wrestling and coaching basics. The Copper course uses materials from ACEP and the Rookie Coaches Wrestling Guide book, and is offered at the state level.

Bronze Level certification is needed to proceed to the silver and gold levels. It covers material for the advanced volunteer or the professional coach. This course is the minimum requirement to enter the National Coaching Pool. It includes four hours of wrestling technique and the book Coach's Guide to Excellence.

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